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Shamba AmaniShamba Amani: The Business Strategist Coach

Shamba Amani coaches, consults and trains entrepreneurs who run B2B companies to increase sales, profits, customers and employee satisfaction.  Shamba Amani is a Business Strategist, blogger, small business owner and a soon to be author.  He oversees AMANI, a Marketing consultancy and implementation provider to start-ups, SMB’s, SPE’s, groups and individuals.

Delivering powerful marketing and sales strategies, offering business owners better systems, bigger profits and more time to do the things they love to do with the people they love.

Shamba is the creator of the ’10 Minute Marketing Assessment’, the upcoming self-study program, “Pulling all the Elements Together” and the ‘Big 6′ of Marketing.

Shamba has trained on the road with Hostelbookers.com and continues to learn from high level mentors over the past decade. He’s currently working closely with a coach and a variety of other Marketing experts throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Shamba knew for a long time that he’d never feel comfortable answering to a boss after reading “How to Win Friends” and “Influence People” which inspired him to start topping up his experience. Like many born entrepreneurs, Shamba removed himself from his last position as a Optometric Technician. It’s a decision that he’ll never regret. Prior he had helped companies grow their businesses up to 400% in one year which is what led him to shift his focus to coaching, mastering marketing, business strategies and other critical components to building a business.  A podcast of the early learnings of Shamba Amani on ‘The Dr. Vibe Show’,  included in a special category of  the ‘Top 5′ most downloaded interviews for both months of January and February, 2013.

Shamba has dedicated himself to learning and developing marketing and sales strategies, he continues to achieve ‘expert’ status in many areas. His clients benefit from his creativeness, passion, high energy and his unique ability to customize business strategies, earning him the title of; ‘The Business Strategist’.

Shamba follows his own advice and his thriving business allows him to take six weeks of vacation each year and Fridays off all summer to spend time with the people he loves. Shamba is passionate about honing his skills, assisting entrepreneurs and generating creative ideas to support the needs of businesses. When he’s not in the office, Shamba enjoys spending time with family and friends laughing and loving life.


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